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Alexander Tolmer, born in London inwas educated in both France and England. At the age of seventeen he ed the army and fought in the Portuguese Civil War. In October he was wounded and while recovering in hospital he was decorated by the Emperor, Don Pedro.

After the war he returned to England, became a Sergeant-Major, got married to Adelaide state escorts Carter, had a son Alexander, and left with his wife, four month old pakistani chat room and his wife's sister for South Australia on the Brakanmoore on 4 September The Superintendent at that time was Henry Inmanknown to him from his time xxx free message chat green valley Portugal. As the police force was rather undisciplined, Tolmer was expected to assist in its reorganization.

He was involved in several trips to the north of the colony. In he took part in the search for CC Dutton and some of his men who were feared lost while returning from Port Lincoln.

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It was also at snapchat chat rooms online time that he had his first experiences in the Flinders Ranges. As little gold had been found here they could not resist the good news from over the border.

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Economic conditions were bad in South Australia, and with few men left to work the Kapunda and Burra Mines they, and any other mine, closed for the time being. By the end of more than 15, hopeful diggers had left South Australia. The government soon realised that they had to do something to attract these diggers, and their wealth, back to Adelaide to improve its economy.

When Tolmer was appointed Commissioner of Police and Police Magistrate inhe proposed that the gold glasgow chat room by South Australians should be brought back here rather than have them sell it in Victoria.

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Tolmer convinced the government that he would be able to bring the gold back to South Australia under an escort consisting of only a few men. The Government accepted his idea after a successful test run had been made. It passed the necessary legislation, The Assay Bullion Actto authorise the establishment of an assay office and smelting facilities for flirtomatic chat free gold dust, and dirty talk live 10 February Tolmer and his small party were on their way to Free muncie chat room Alexander.

Ten days later Tolmer, Sergeant J. Those who worked the cradles held the handles with one hand and adelaide state escorts the other broke the lumps of earth with a stick and stirred up the contents, keeping the cradles constantly rocking whilst others stood by with ladles of some kind and kept bailing water continuously into them.

Tolmer arrived in Adelaide on 19 March with 5, ounces of gold and money, collected from South Australian miners.

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The vast majority of gold parcels, both large and small, were coned to the wives of diggers from Mount Alexander, which at its peak had nearly 4, South Australian diggers. There was adelaide state escorts a parcel of one pound and two ounces from W. Chapman to himself. From the lists printed in the Registerit can easily be seen that most of the South Australians had done well. Not everyone agreed with the publication free chatlines in redlands all this information.

The Observer found it imprudent to publish the names of those to whom the gold was coned and its weight. Naturally there were the many thousands who did not send anything home. They either took it home themselves or never had enough to send or take home. There were free chat sex bellmead texas thousands of South Australian diggers on other fields chat apps australia both Victoria and New South Wales from which there were no gold escorts to Adelaide.

Although Tolmer had done a great job, the fact remains that he travelled along a track specially surveyed for this purpose by John McLaren, Deputy Surveyor General. McLaren sank wells at ten miles interval along a route pioneered by squatters. He was commended for his efforts by the Governor and With the successful completion of the first escort Tolmer set about organising a second trip.

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This time though a little more planning was done. Whereas for his first trip he had only requested a map and compass, now he made a of suggestions for improved facilities and better and safer working conditions.

A town was to be surveyed near the South Australian border, accommodation to be erected along the route, new Constables to be engaged, hay for horses to be organised along table shower san antonio route, a relief escort to be stationed at a depot half way to Mount Alexander, waterproof labels to be used and forty cedar boxes to be bought to hold the gold. All this provided a lot of extra work for South Australians who had remained at home but now indirectly also benefited from the Victorian gold rushes.

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near Horsham Victoria Forums chat rooms all diggers at Mount Alexander or any of the other diggings had been able or willing to send their gold via the escort. This included some parcels from diggers who had actually returned themselves. Obviously diggers were happy with the services provided domination chat rooms the Gold Escorts. This time nearly four times the amount of gold was coned, while the of miners to do so had trebled.

Tolmer had about 1, letters with him from the diggings, more than three times the on his first trip. One of the new Constables engaged to assist Tolmer was Thomas Coward. Coward, like Tolmer, took part in three indian sex chat on phone escorts between Mount Alexander and Adelaide. Later, while reminiscing, Coward said that their weapons were muzzle loading carbines, swords and holster pistols. For maximum security they would sleep during the night on top of the gold.

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After they had delivered the gold they would sit on the grass and hand over any letters they might have had from the diggers. Many of the women were almost wild with delight at receiving a line from their husbands, brothers, sons or lovers. There was often considerable difficulty in deciphering the friend chat rooms on the envelopes.

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After his promotion, Corporal Coward took part in P. Coward Springson the Oodnadatta Free 800 chat lines was named after him. Coward died in Another interesting personality was Isaac Dewson who ed the third Gold Escort. Dewson was born in Birmingham in and came to South Australia on the Alexander in During his stay there he brought the news of the ill-fated brig Maria.

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Inat the age of 72 he was still working as gatekeeper at the Botanical gardens. Although some escort members did well after the service was discontinued, this was not the case for others. They were discontinued after the arrival of the last escort under Inspector Wyndham in December Many others made smaller donations.

Adelaide state escorts Fife Angas later wrote to Tolmer, that he had been struck with admiration when reading the reports of his overland i want to chat with someone online for free with the gold escorts. Everyone seemed to be pleased with the arrangements and the of the Gold Escorts.

Single tickets would be four shillings and a double, to admit a lady and gentleman would be six shillings and sixpence. True to its usual behaviour it was only fine talk and making political mileage; nothing was paid to him. Although each member had been paid eight shillings and sixpence a day, the paper thought that not one man could deny the men something more than empty thanks for their efforts. A few weeks girls talking to girls, on 6 AugustWaterhouse moved that a Select Free sex chat vancouver be appointed to inquire into the matter.

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It would be well remembered, he said, that Tolmer not only organized the gold escort, but carried it out to a great advantage of South Australia. It was a pity that a public favourite of one season was the saint paul minnesota ca phone chat lines public servant of another period. A Select Committee was appointed, sat and talked about it but no payment was made. In it was discussed once more but Tolmer who by now was without a government job had to wait another 27 years for his gratuity.

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His present appointment is utterly inadequate in point of status or emolument. When George Fife Angas died inTolmer used the opportunity in a roundabout way to state his case once more. In a letter to the Editor he craved for permission as one of the early pioneers of South Australia to record his sincere sympathy for the loss sustained by the death of Angas. Some 33 years later James Tarran, farmer of Rapid Bay made it quite clear that Tolmer had been given enough already. There were several benefits from the golden spoils of Mount Alexander for South Australia. Soon the Adelaide daily papers overflowed with advertisements of land sales, including one by Henry Simpson.

He had subdivided section in the Hundred of Port Adelaide and find chat adelaide state escorts Gold Diggers Village as an inducement for returning diggers from Victoria to invest. With so many xxx chat in newport news virginia returning again it gave hope to the many who had remained at home, and the returnees as well, that South Australia would soon have some well-paying goldfields of its own.