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Sarah Gregory Spanking is Sarah Gregory's personal spanking website which offers traditional disciplinary spanking, playful spanking, and sensual spanking. My members section features many new faces to the spanking world as well as many other established fetish and chat sex arab stars. I update 5 times a week and we are already up to over full spanking videos.

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The spanking stories involve females and anastasiadate free chat and are edited, directed and produced by myself, a girl who has had a spanking fetish for as long as she can remember. Sarah Gregory can be seen not only as a bottom, receiving a good spanking, but also doing quite a bit of topping. Melanie had been spanked at personal spanking sites earlier that day for cheating. Daddy is very upset and had her wait in her room for him that evening.

She knows the House Rules She is taken across daddy's lap for a no mercy, hard hand spanking, just like she got at school Melanie struggles and squirms, kicking her legs, then tries to reach free xxx chat price hand back to stop the hated hairbrush. This infuriates Daddy which only makes him spank her harder until he is satisfied that she receives the same considerable amount of punishment she got from school at home. That's only fair, rules are rules, and Daddy ensures that they are carried out in full before Melanie faces a rather uncomfortable night trying to avoid sleeping on her back!

Kiki has faked being sick one too many times and the Headmaster and School's Nurse have had enough. She is brought to his office by the nurse for a humiliating exam and punishment.

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Nurse Bernadette has Kiki get up onto the desk on all fours. She bares the naughty girl's bottom, puts on her examination gloves then lubes the free frederick chat room girl's exposed anus so that her temperature can be taken with the rectal thermometer. How humiliating to be spread like this in front of the Headmaster. When it is discovered that she is not sick naturally!

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Nurse Bernadette's hard hand spanks Kiki on her bare, quivering bottom before giving her 25 mean strokes with the medical department's leather strap. Next, Headmaster straps Kiki before giving her 25 cane strokes. The poor wretch is sent back to class blow me chat in peetz colorado a very sore, burning welted bottom.

Ten works for Lake Industries and was invited to a special meal at his home where his family will be attending. She shows up in less than professional clothing. Her boss is very upset and when he gets upset she knows how he deals with things. She goes over his lap for some "good old-fashioned discipline" as he likes to call it.

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She is spanked over her sexy tight skirt, and of course on the bare bottom. Free text chat conversation friendship maybe more wriggles and squirms as his hard hand spanks her bare reddening cheeks to match her shamed reactions. The final part of this discipline is with her bent over the couch as Johnny gives her 20 hard swats of the heavy leather reformatory strap to teach her some additional etiquette.

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Zoe has been sunbathing by the pool instead of cleaning it. Since the latest pool guy quit, it seems they cannot find another so now Zoe has to do the job in free chatting room online meantime.

Zoe has a way of flirting with the pool guys and then blaming them when she claims they are "perving" on her. Michael, her husband, is sick of the backchat and the constant bratting of his disobedient wife.

Welcome to sarah gregory spanking

After a good stern scolding, he takes her over sex chat des moines lap, still in her bikini The skimpy bikini bottoms offer little protection so his hand stings as if it is over the bare bottom. She continues to brat and argues Miss Audrey has been asked by the school Principal to bring Opal to her office for a "meeting. Principal Samantha suspects free black chat line numbers in richmond kind of cheating but wants to discuss this.

It turns out that Miss Audrey, the teacher, personal spanking sites been helping Opal cheat so the overall grades of her classes look better. This is a disgrace, an absolute disgrace to have a teacher helping a student cheat.

Cheaters are dealt with in only one way, and that is with a spanking. First, Opal is taken over the Principal's lap for a hand spanking over her school pinafore, white cotton panties and of course on the bare bottom. After her spanking, she is told to stand behind and watch Miss Audrey being spanked. The teacher is mortified at the thought of her student watching her get a spanking over the principal's lap. Audrey is spanked in the same humiliating manner as Opal.

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Then, they are each given 20 hard swats with the stiff leather pit bull chat before being sent back to class. Stevie is so angry with her so-called friend Kiki, who she has discovered had sex with her boyfriend. Kiki tries to deny it saying it was just "a little sex" and Stevie replies bluntly, "you either fucked him or didn't".

Stevie has had enough of the sly smirks and lack of remorse from the personal spanking sites, slutty friend so takes Kiki over her lap for a richly deserved spanking. During the spanking, she spre her legs for further humiliation The spanking is far from over as the final part of this punishment, Kiki bends over the couch for 20 mean swats of the leather strap. Sarah has been called to a "Special Detention" by her teacher, Miss Bernadette. Sarah acts as if she has no idea why she is there. In free flash chat, this brat has only broken just about every school rule and has a really poor attitude Miss Bernadette has plans for this naughty girl!

After a stern, no-nonsense scolding, she takes Sarah over her lap for a much-deserved punishment. dirty skype chat

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The hand spanking is carried out over her tight navy regulation knickers and, of course, on the bare bottom. After Sarah is spanked, Miss Bernadette gives her 13 mean biting strokes of the cane which brings a flood of tears falling from Sarah's eyes.

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She has learned a very hard lesson to respect and follow the School Rules. Delta is late and Johnny is not happy to say the least. He has booked a helicopter to take the two of them to an important meal with his colleagues. She is making light of the situation and just laughs chat with a counselor for free off. Not only is she late, but she is not dressed appropriately for a high end evening.

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She will not be going in the helicopter, instead she is going over the lap where she belongs. Johnny spanks his naughty girlfriend hard with his hand. Then he bends her over and takes off his belt. She is strapped hard with his belt until she is very sorry. ly in "Cara's Cruel Basement Punishment" - Cara was being held captive in evil "Nurse" Bernadette's basement for free sex chat in lancing own sick and twisted enjoyment.

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Bernadette has now decided to bring another roommate for poor lonely scared Cara. She introduces the new captive, Ava, to a naked chained up Cara. Nurse Chat wiki as she likes to think of herself plans to show Ava just how much fun they have, hidden away from prying eyes.

She takes both ladies through a series of humiliating punishments for her own warped pleasure.

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There are bare bottom, spread pussy, and thigh spankings, including yet more leather strappings and canings in the same sore areas. The girls endure a face slapping when they answer back with more croppings, bastinado, hair pulling, nipple sex chat free in nova lusitania, and many more unthinkable acts of humiliation for these two sad sorry ladies.

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Evil Nurse keeps messing with their hepace, altering between being nice or mean when the girls complain. She enjoys keeping them guessing about what will happen next. You will need to see for yourself, dtf chat it is safe to say that Nurse Bernadette knows exactly how to get the most embarrassing of punishments dished out to the girls for her own selfish enjoyment.

Cupcake Sinclair has shown up for her first day on the new job wearing a cute little dress. Mr Lake is far from impressed. This is not the kind of attire that his employees represent his company in.

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She learns quickly about the companies ways of discipline if she wants to keep her job. She is spanked hard and then given 12 hard cane strokes. Schedule Get Spanked by Sarah Gregory! Welcome to Sarah Gregory Spanking. Melanie's Bedtime Spanking Melanie had been spanked at school earlier that day for cheating.

Kiki's Humiliating School Punishment Kiki has faked being sick one too many times and the Headmaster and School's Nurse have had enough. Good Old Fashioned Discipline Ten works for Lake Industries and was invited to a special meal at his home where his family will be attending. Dirty chats smithers The Brat Zoe has been sunbathing by the pool instead of cleaning it.